Backend Development

At Tejoma, we build applications transparently. You know at the start what you will get at the end of a project. We advise on the suitability of a programming language or framework for your application, and then the focus is completely on to build a robust and stable product.

Besides building software components natively, it is inevitable that we integrate third party services that contribute significantly in delivering better user experiences.

Whether it is core Java, NodeJS, PHP or Python, we use credible frameworks and libraries, and build all applications on Amazon Web Services as the hosting solution.

The engineering teams at Tejoma practice an established access control procedure that involves setting up a hierarchy of users with different levels of access to a project and its data as well as to a client’s live servers, and then DevOps deploys a secure server infrastructure for each project.

Before release, developers conduct a thorough code review and ensure that its a secure product.

Our Clients