Testing Services

Tejoma maintains an intense focus on ensuring your software delivers an exceptional, bug-free customer experience. Whether it is manual or automated testing, testing teams understand the software architecture and scour for patterns that make your software to fail, and enforce repair.

When you partner with Tejoma, you can be assured that your application will deliver flawlessly - to the specification, on all devices, browsers and screens where you want it to work.

Our suite of services span the spectrum of test management including planning, defining and validating requirements, designing test case and user stories, traceability matrix, defect management and coverage analysis.

Functional Testing: Verify that every feature of your software application works as expected, so your users have an error-free experience.

Regression Testing: Avoid costly rework by thoroughly testing new code and integration points, and ensure new code doesn’t cause bugs with existing functionality.

Performance Testing: Ensure your software fulfils every user and is still standing, by testing it for scale and stress.

Configuration Testing: Test planning makes sure that your software works on every supported platform. Our testing can ensure that through imaginative and out-of-the-box scenarios to test your software’s behaviour.

Security Testing: You can make great software, but if it suffers from vulnerabilities, it can be costly - to your customers and you. Our security testings includes penetration testing, application security testing, and source code review, to ensure your software is built to withstand threats.

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